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Android 14 Beta 1 Features

Android 14 Beta is here with some cool stuff. In this article, we’ll examine Android 14 Beta, with a focus on its themes, improvements, and what it means for Android users. It is more easy to use for Android user.

Themes of Android 14 Beta:

Android 14 Beta is built around core themes, each of which plays a crucial role in shaping the Android experience. These themes include different customization like privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization. Let’s break down what each of these themes means for Android users.


Privacy is a top priority for Android 14 Beta. People can look forward to better privacy features that put them in charge of their data and app permissions. Android’s dedication to user privacy is clear as they keep working on tools and choices related to privacy.


Security is another essential aspect of Android 14 Beta. The update brings extra safety measures to protect user data and devices from possible problems. Android’s improvements in security ensure a safer and more secure mobile experience.


Android 14 Beta aims to boost device performance across various tasks. The release brings improvements that make Android quicker and more efficient. Users can anticipate a smoother and more responsive experience on their Android devices.

Developer Productivity:

Android developers will find helpful tools and resources to work more effectively. Android 14 Beta supports developers in creating better apps, improving existing ones, and contributing to the Android ecosystem.

User Customization:

Android 14 Beta offers users a higher degree of customization. From personalizing language preferences to tailoring the user interface, Android users will have more control over how their devices look and feel. This customization empowers users to make their Android experience truly their own.

Support for Large-Screen Devices:

Android 14 Beta continues the work of previous releases in supporting large-screen devices such as tablets and foldables. Developers will find tools and resources to ensure their apps work seamlessly on these diverse form factors.

Smarter System UI:

Android 14 Beta brings refinements to the system user interface (UI). One notable change is the introduction of a more prominent back arrow during gesture navigation. This addition improves the user experience by enhancing back gesture understanding and usefulness. The back arrow also adapts to the user’s wallpaper or device theme, adding a touch of customization.

Custom Actions in System Share sheets:

In Android 14 Beta, apps gain the ability to add custom actions to system share sheets they invoke. This feature allows developers to create custom Chooser Actions using Chooser Action. Builder. By specifying a list of Chooser Actions as the Intent. Extra chooser custom action, apps can enhance the sharing experience and provide users with more options.

Enhanced System Share sheet Ranking:

The system now utilizes more app signals to determine the ranking of direct share targets in share sheets. Developers can contribute to this ranking by calling push dynamic Shortcut to report shortcut usage with the corresponding capability bindings. This change results in a more intuitive and personalized sharing experience for users.

Advanced Graphics Capabilities:

Android 14 Beta introduces new graphics features to make apps stand out. A significant enhancement is the ability to query paths and interpolate between them. This feature allows developers to create morphing effects and opens up possibilities for innovative visual experiences. The Android X library ensures backward compatibility, making these graphics capabilities available to a wider range of Android devices.

Per-App Language Preferences:

One of the standout features in Android 14 Beta is the enhancement of per-app language preferences. This feature allows for dynamic customization of the set of languages displayed in the Android Settings per-app language list. Additionally, IMEs (Input Method Editors) can now determine the UI language of the current app. This means that users can enjoy a more tailored language experience within each app they use.

Privacy Improvements:

Android 14 Beta includes the “accessibility Data Sensitive” attribute, a valuable addition to improve privacy. This attribute allows apps to limit the visibility of specified views to accessibility services that assist users with disabilities. Play Protect ensures that apps downloaded from the Play Store accurately claim to support accessibility services. The introduction of this attribute is a step towards better safeguarding user data and preventing unintended critical actions within apps.

App Compatibility and Feedback:

As Android 14 enters the beta phase, users and developers play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition. Developers are encouraged to test their apps for compatibility with Android 14 Beta, resolving any issues and publishing updates as needed. Users can provide feedback to help refine the Android experience. Early adopters and developers will collaborate to identify and address any compatibility concerns.

Getting Started with Android 14 Beta:

If you’re eager to explore Android 14 Beta, there are several steps you can take. For testing your app with tablets and foldables, you can use the Android Emulator in the latest Android Studio SDK Manager. Additionally, you can enroll supported Pixel devices to receive Android 14 Beta updates over-the-air. Android Studio Giraffe and its preview versions are recommended for the best development experience with Android 14.


Android 14 Beta is an exciting update that prioritizes privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization. With enhanced system UI, graphics capabilities, per-app language preferences, and privacy improvements, Android 14 Beta promises a more versatile and user-centric Android experience.

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