Google Turns 25:A Quarter-Century of Big Innovation.

Welcome to our Blog today we will tell you the most interesting things about Google and its achievement time by time. Today Google turns 25 celebrates birthday it was a memorable journey.

Google is like a big team of very smart people who work together. They make things like Google Search, Maps, and YouTube. The two leaders who started Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

So, Google is successful because many people work together and make cool stuff on the internet. It’s like a big group project!

Search Engine Origins:

Google started as a search engine in 1998 to help people find information online.

Google turns 25: Celebrating Achievements and Milestones:

Discovering Pi’s 100-Trillionth Digit:

In 2022, a Google researcher found the 100-trillionth digit of pi, a mathematical constant.

YouTube Shorts Popularity:

YouTube Shorts, a short-video platform, receives an average of 70 billion daily views.

ARDA Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy:

Google’s ARDA tool screens 250,000 patients globally for diabetic retinopathy, a preventable cause of blindness.

Generative AI Unicorns:

70% of generative AI startups use Google Cloud services.

Google Lens Visual Searches:

Google Lens conducts 12 billion visual searches each month. It includes Identify Objects, Translate Text Get, Product Information, Explore Landmarks.

Google Doodles:

Google has created over 5,000 Doodles, with thousands of submissions from users and Googlers each year.

Notable Events:

India’s Moon Landing: India’s Chandrayaan-3 moon landing attracted 8.5 million concurrent viewers on YouTube.

Gmail’s Unsend Feature:

Gmail allows users to unsend emails within a maximum of 30 seconds.

Google Maps Immersive View:

Google Maps offers immersive views of over 500 landmarks. Google turns 25 with minor changes.

Spam Message Protection:

Google’s AI prevents 100 billion suspected spam messages, respecting user privacy.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers:

Google’s data centers are 1.5 times more energy-efficient than typical ones.

Street View Coverage:

Google has mapped over 10 million miles with various vehicles, including cars, tricycles, and camels.

Google Sheets Capacity:

Google Sheets can contain up to 10 million cells and 18,278 columns.

Technology and Languages:

Bard’s Coding Languages: Google’s Bard can understand and work with over 20 coding languages.

Google Translate’s Languages:

Google Translate supports 133 languages, including under-resourced ones.

Google Photos Edits:

Users edit 1.7 billion photos in Google Photos every month.

Search Autocomplete Efficiency:

Google’s autocomplete reduces typing by an estimated 200 years of typing time per day.

Pixel 7 Pro’s Zoom:

Pixel 7 Pro’s Super Res Zoom allows for 30x zoom. Google turns 25 and it also working on there improvements.

Google Career Certificates:

Over 500,000 people globally have completed Google Career Certificates.

Hum to Search:

“Hum to Search” is like telling Google about a song by singing or humming it. You don’t need to know the song’s name; you can just use your voice to find it.

Eco-Friendly Routing:

Google Maps’ eco-friendly routing has helped prevent 1.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Fitbit’s Heart Rhythm Notifications:

Fitbit’s feature has enrolled over 7 million users, detecting irregular heart rhythms. This feature is designed to help you monitor your heart health.

Popular Google Products:

Google offers 15 products used by over half a billion people and six products with over 2 billion users.

Infinite Chrome Tabs:

You can open lots of tabs in Google Chrome, but how many depends on how much memory your computer or phone has. There’s no fixed number limit. Google turns 25 but some features are same.

Google’s 25th Anniversary and Future:

Google turns 25 in September 2023, looking back on its history and forward to future technology.
This information showcases Google’s growth and impact over the years in various fields, including technology, education, and health.

Diverse Services Today:

Over time, Google has evolved into more than just a search engine, offering various services, including mapping, artificial intelligence tools, and digital skills training. Google turns 25 with extra features .

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