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Dealing with Math Anxiety: How to Beat the Fear and Learn Better

Imagine there was an undetectable enemy that gave you frightening feelings, frightened you, and made you nervous about yourself. It is an enemy that does not recognize whether you are white or black, and whether you are the president; it has traveled from the continent of Africa.

It is a worldwide phenomenon that affects scholars; young children at kindergarten level; and sometimes even adults.. This ghost is known as “math anxiety” and it comes to haunt a person every time he or she tries to do math with an aim of preventing the person from giving his or her best. But there’s hope! What is math anxiety? where does it come from and how can we handle it.

The Secret Struggle: Math Anxiety:

Mathophobia is a term used to describe the state of being anxious and afraid when handling digits or solving math problems. This is not limited to the school, but your everyday life including your mathematics in cooking, shopping, or budgeting. It’s like an invisible hand that makes you doubt math confidence.

Shocking Numbers: Math Anxiety Around the World:

Recently, a group called International Student Assessment asked kids of five countries about math and how they felt about it. Incredibly, 5% of 5-6 year-old kids said that they were really worried about math.

That’s a lot of little anxious kids about math. However, it’s not just children; adults do it as well. In the U.S., 93% of adults reported having some amount of math anxiety, and 17% claimed it is very high. Such indicates that math anxiety affects people of all ages.

Where It All Begins: Roots of Math Anxiety:

Math anxiety is usually a problem that starts early, like when we are in elementary school. A number of these reasons date back to what some people say and think about math.

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Beliefs About Girls and Boys:

Have you ever been told that some people think boys are better at math than girls? It’s something some folks say, but it’s not true because its all depend on interest. This can make girls believe that they are not as good in math as boys. It is not fair as everyone can be a great mathematician regardless of their gender.

The Myth of the “Math Person”: Some people will say that only a select few are “naturally gifted” at math, as though they are born with super math powers. But that’s just a story. With practice, math can be a skill you learn. It is possible to be good at mathematics without having to be born a mathematics “person”.

Breaking the Chain: Overcoming Math Anxiety:

Luckily, there are ways of dealing with math anxiety. It’s just like breaking the chain that hinders us. Here are some ways to do it:

No More “Math Person” Myth: Forget the notion that some are “math people” and others aren’t. Math is for everyone. Anyone can learn and have fun with math.

A Growth Mindset:

Instead of having a fixed mindset about math where you must be perfect, let’s adopt a growth mindset. This implies that we appreciate the fact that it is possible to improve in math through practice and hard work. It doesn’t matter to be perfect, but you should make an effort and learn from your mistakes.

Find the Right Time:

You know, it surprises that one can make a lot of difference by practicing math.The majority of people realize that their minds are more refreshed and prepared for math in morning. However, this may not apply to everybody. It is important that you know when your mental abilities are at their peak if you want to do your math.
Math Is All Around Us: Everyday Math

That’s great! Something cool now, huh? Math is not confined to the math textbooks or the math class. Math is all around us. We meet it everywhere, and when we come upon it, we find math more comprehensible.

Cooking: We use math in cooking when measuring ingredients, setting cooking times, and adjusting recipes.

Gardening: If you love gardening, you use math to calculate the amount of space that your plants require and the right time to irrigate them.

Sports: We use math to score in sports, measure distances in sports, and understand statistics in sports. Math in sports can be applied even if you are not a professional athlete.

Art: Math creates beautiful designs and paintings by artists. Have you ever witnessed pictures and shapes in art? These often use mathematical ideas.

In Conclusion:

Therefore, math anxiety is the state of being anxious about math, but not necessarily scared. We are aware of how to go about it. We must realize that we need to change our perceptions of math and stop thinking that there is a special “math person”.

Furthermore, it tells us that math is within us and not just another scary book we will have to read. Math is a tool to understand the world and can be appreciated and used by anyone. Do not be deterred by math anxiety. Math can be your friend!

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