World's Oldest Dog

Bobi: The World’s Oldest Dog and a Remarkable Legacy

Bobi’s incredible journey stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and remarkable longevity of our beloved canine companions. At the remarkable age of 31 years and 165 days, Bobi earned the prestigious title of the world’s oldest dog, a distinction officially bestowed by Guinness World Records.

Farewell to a Beloved Companion:

On a Saturday, Bobi, the beloved Portuguese dog, breathed his last, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who cherished his remarkable life.

World’s Oldest Dog Record:

Bobi’s record-breaking journey to becoming the oldest dog ever began on February 1, when he reached the age of 30 years and 266 days. His achievement shattered a century-old record previously held by an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who lived for 29 years and 5 months.

A Humble Beginning:

Bobi’s extraordinary life started in the quaint Portuguese village of Conqueiros, where he became an inseparable part of the Costa family for more than three decades. However, the story of his survival is one of sheer resilience and good fortune.

Saved from an Unfortunate Fate:

Bobi’s early days were far from promising. In 1992, Leonel Costa’s father, a hunter, deemed their family already had an excess of animals and decided to dispose of Bobi and his siblings. At the time, it was customary for older generations to bury unwanted animals to prevent their survival.

A Hidden Miracle:

The day after the puppies were born, Costa’s father removed them from the woodshed, acting swiftly while Gira, the mother dog, was away. For several days, Leonel and his siblings mourned the loss of their cherished pets. However, an unforeseen twist of fate soon unfolded.

A Mother’s Instinct:

Leonel Costa noticed Gira’s continued visits to the shed, which seemed unusual given that her puppies had supposedly been disposed of. Intrigued, the brothers followed Gira and made a remarkable discovery: a single tiny puppy concealed among a pile of logs. They chose to keep this secret, holding onto Bobi until his eyes opened.

A Breed Apart:

Bobi was a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed renowned for guarding property and livestock. Typically, dogs of this breed have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. However, Bobi’s life story transcended these conventional boundaries, spanning over twice the typical lifespan.

The Recipe for Longevity

What contributed to Bobi’s incredible journey? His diet consisted primarily of unseasoned human food, and he had the freedom to explore the forests and farmlands surrounding his home without the constraints of a leash.

Growing up in the tranquil countryside also played a crucial role in his enduring health. Moreover, the unwavering love and affection bestowed upon him by the Costa family undoubtedly enhanced his remarkable longevity.

Bobi’s Legacy:

Bobi’s astonishing longevity was officially corroborated and verified by the SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government and managed by the National Union of Veterinarians. The Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria also confirmed his birth date, solidifying his place in history.

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A Worldwide Fan Base:

On May 11, Bobi celebrated his 31st birthday with a grand “big birthday party” attended by over 100 guests from various countries. This event underscored the remarkable global fan base that Bobi had cultivated over the years. In his last stages, Bobi enjoyed the comfort of his bed due to illness and the warmth of the fire.

A One-of-a-Kind Companion:

As Leonel Costa fittingly expressed, Bobi was “one of a kind.” The Costa family expressed profound happiness and gratitude for the privilege of having Bobi as an integral part of their daily lives for over three decades.

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